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Ferry-boat timetable


Zagreb -> Split = 366 km
Zadar -> Split = 143 km
Rijeka -> Split = 350 km
Krapina -> Split = 388 km
Dubrovnik -> Split = 229 km

Split-Rogač (Šolta) 9NM = 1h by ferry / 30min by catamaran


The Split airport is connected to almost all the European countries directly or via Zagreb during summer. The Split airport is 25 km away from the port of Split. You can get on the bus from the airport to the port as well as get a taxi or rent a car. You can also rent a car -airport-Split there.

FERRY-BOAT coastal and international lines  
Split is connected to Rijeka (Jadrolinija) by the coastal line and to Ancona Italy by the international lines (Blueline, Jadrolinija, SNAV). The berth is only some minutes walking distance away from the lines to Šolta. For more information and the time tables go to:
The Split bus station is next to the main port. Split is connected to all the Croatian and international cities very well. There are several daily lines to all the cities and towns in Croatia.
The train station is a part of the port and the main line is ZAGREB-SPLIT. For more information go to:
Construction of a modern highway network made journey through Croatia easier and shorter. Due to geographic features of the ground, the highways are consisted of numerous tunnels, viaducts and bridges that make the journeys more interesting and a modern monitoring system makes it safer.

Zagreb -> Split
Split is connected to Zagreb by a modern highway with taking toll. The distance is 380km and the leaving point is near Dugopolje up from Split where you can go on the road through Solin to Split.

If you choose the state road D1, direction is Zagreb – Karlovac – Plitvice – Knin – Rijeka – Split. (pay toll is only from Zagreb to Karlovac)

Rijeka -> Split
You can come from Rijeka taking the highway Rijeka – Zagreb, then you can take the track «Bosiljevo 1» to the highway Zagreb – Split.

You can also come from Rijeka to Split by the Adriatic freeway and the direction is Rijeka – Senj – Zadar – Šibenik – Split. We advise the course through Boraja from Šibenik to Split. There are no taking tolls.

Ferry port
The port of Split is easy to find. When you arrive to Split (any direction) you will pass the Adriatic freeway and you come to an interchange. Follow the signs "SPLIT CENTAR" (SPLIT CENTER) or "SPLIT LUKA" ( SPLIT PORT). You can find the same sign pointing to 2 different ways – take the one with less rush.


>speed limit on the highways is 130km/h, in inhabited places 50km/h and on a freeway it is 80km/h
>cell phones are not allowed while driving
>allowed alcohol level in blood is 0,5 pro mille


You can get there by a ferry boat, catamaran, or by a fast travel ship.
If you are arriving by car you have to get on Jadrolinija ferry lines to Rogač – it is the main port of Šolta. The journey lasts for 1 hour, the passenger ticket costs 4 €. The ticket for the car is 17,5 € and for the motorbike it is 8 €. The timetables can be found here:
Nečujam is 11 km away from Rogač in a 15 minutes of a pleasant drive through nature. You can by the tickets at one of the Jadrolinija travel bureaus or kiosks. The easiest way is to find the Jadrolinija main office: a big building next to the berth. It is good to know that there are as many lines as necessary during the season regardless to the timetables.
Catamaran goes to Rogač daily, and to Stomorska on Friday and Sunday. The journey is for about 30 minutes. The ticket is 2,5€. The ticket for the catamaran are available at kiosk next to the berth. The timetables can be found at:
You can get the bus or a taxi from Rogač to Nečujam.