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43° 24' N 16° 12' E

Maslinica is the only Šolta’s village situated in the cove of the western part of the island. It has beautiful scenery of picturesque cove and pinewood in the southern side and also of its well-protected cove of Sesul and archipelago of seven islands.

On the largest of them in the 5th and 6th century an old Christian church with monastery was built and today there are a lot of remains of it. The natural meaning of olive scenery complete historical-architectonic and environmental values of baroque castle and picturesque local houses.

Maslinica was made in 1703 when an aristocratic family Marchi asked from a Venetian “providur” permission to found a new settlement and to build a castle with towers for defense of frequent pirate attacks. Today the castle is turned into an attractive and a very famous restaurant "Conte Alberti".

Today Maslinica is very attractive for tourists who want a complete peace during day and night. Ferries and boats don’t come here so Maslinica is connected to Split through Rogač.

Since Maslinica is a traditional village, a modern beach with tourist attractions doesn’t exist here. In the cove of Tepli Bok there is a smaller beach, but the main beauty of this village is that in any cove you can find a solitary place for swimming.


  • fish restaurant
  • luxury hotel Martinis Marchi
  • tavern
  • supermarcet
  • Tourist board office