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If you take a map of Croatia and look at middle Dalmatian islands, to the west of the island of Brač you’ll see a very developed but not very large island of Šolta.

To the west of the island is Brač and to the west is Drvenik Veliki. To the southeast is Hvar, and to the north is Split. Šolta belongs to the middle Dalmatian islands. It lies in the central part of the Adriatic Sea, near its eastern coast. In the northwest Šolta is ca 360km away from the coast of Marunska lagoon (the most drawn in part of the Adriatic) while from the Strait of Otranto (the border between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea) in the southeast it is distant 390 km. Šolta is 185km distant from the Italian coast and from the Croatian mainland 10,7km (Uranjica). It is at a distance of 15 km (9 nautical miles) from Split.

To the north it is separated from the mainland by Split channel, to the east it is separated from the island of Brač by the Strait of Split (0,7 km) and to the west it is separated from Drvenik Veli by the Šolta channel (3,5 km). In the north of Šolta is the Čiovo peninsula (distant 7,3 km), to the southeast is the island of Hvar (14,5 km) and to the south is the island of Vis (29 km).
Šolta is 19 km long (from the promontory Livka in the east of the island opened on Brač to the promontory Obinuški bok in the west). The largest width is from the peninsula Rata in the eastern part of Nečujam to the peninsula in the western part of the cove of Senj and it is 4,9 km.

It spreads in the direction of west-northwest-southeast. Its exact topographic position is determined by geographical coordinates:

43° 19' 31" N (promontory Motika)
43°24' 26 " N (promontory Duboke vale)
16° 12' 13" E (promontory Obinuški bok)
16° 24' 13" E (promontory Livka)


The island’s coastline is 73,1km long.

Beside the main island, Šolta also consists of 7 islets in front of the west port Maslinica.

The area of Šolta is 57,886 km2 and together with small islands in front of the cove of Maslinica (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Balkun, Kamik, Grmej, Stipanska) it is 58,875 km2.

Šolta is 13th largest of Croatian islands and it belongs to midsize Dalmatian islands. Krk, Cres, Brač, Hvar, Pag, Korcula, Dugi otok, Mljet, Rab, Vis, Lošinj, Pašman are larger than Šolta while smaller nearby islands are Čiovo and Drvenik Veli.

Geographical position of the island of Šolta in the Adriatic, especially its position in the middle Dalmatia gives Šolta a very important place in Split area towards which the island gravitates. The development of maritime activities in the Adriatic, especially of nautical tourism, sport fishing and other tourist activities depends largely on its location.

More important places on the island of Šolta are ports:

MASLINICA (43° 24' N 16° 12' E) fishing village
ROGAČ (43° 24' N 16° 18' E) main port
NEČUJAM (43° 23' N 16° 19' E) tourist village
STOMORSKA (43° 22' N 16° 21' E) fishing village


TATINJA (43° 22' N 16° 17' E)

and villages:


The main village and the center of the island is GROHOTE.