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43° 22' N 16° 21' E

It is the oldest coastal village of the island that traces back to 17th ct. It is situated at the foot of sanctuary of Our Lady of Stomorija (St.Maria) or Our Lady of Pines (Gospe od Bori).

It is a village of excellent seamen, today owners of a great tourist fleet of sailing-ships that used to be known all over the Adriatic for its transportation of wine and lime. Today it is a tourist village with many cafés, taverns, apartments, motor camp, and a hotel "Olint".

Because of its attractive location on the slopes of the mount the village is very attractive and it is also very well known for its summer fishermen parties. Beside Nečujam, Stomorska represents the greatest tourist potential of the island.

Connection with Split is very good so during the season a ferry and a catamaran land twice a week while a passenger boat lands a few times a day. This is a village with the largest number of cafés on the island so you won’t lack night entertainment. Mostly you can choose between pizzerias, taverns with live music or a modern disco-bar.

Numerous fishermen in the village offer a wide choice of fresh, just caught fish while not far from Stomorska there is also a fish-farm so there can be found giltheads and sea basses even if the fishermen didn’t catch much.

Most of the swimmers go to one of numerous rocks by the shore that are very convenient for swimming. You can walk to nice flat stones or cliffs where you can enjoy your privacy. The main beach is near the center of the village and it is graveled.


  • restaurant
  • pizzeria
  • caffe-bar
  • tavern
  • disco-bar
  • supermarket
  • tennis playground
  • Tourist board office
  • post office
  • ATM (cash machine)