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Although there are no towns where the contemporary art could be developed – and the 20th century art is the art of urban people, urban art – nevertheless on the island there are some activities in that field, especially in church architecture and also last few decades in monumental sculpture and naive painting. The most prominent results can be seen in the field of church architecture because the church has always been the place for social gathering and also the symbol of the social and cultural development.

EUGEN BUKTENICA He was born in Grohote in 1914. He aroused wide interests in Croatia and also abroad. His paintings are naive paintings. His main interests are a motif and a story. He wants to show a part of his native place, of the island, of the village. The motifs are domestic animals, houses, boats, villagers… the paintings of Buktenica draw your attention with their spontaneity, his observance and imagination. He is the painter but also a chronicler of his village, of his island and of his people.

MARIN KALAJZIĆ There are many similarities in motifs and techniques between this Šolta’s naive painter and Buktenica. He was born in 1911 in Grohote but he starts painting in 1979. Kalajzic’s main wish is to represent a certain object or an event in as faithful way as he can. Recently he’s been painting still lifes, fish, and flowers.

DINKO SULE This painter was also born in Grohote in 1953. He starts painting in 1987, and the motifs of his oil paintings are characteristic island scenery dominated by the rocks, southern vegetation and the sea. He‘s both attracted to the atmosphere of a fishermen’s home and to the life of fishermen and farmers. Beside painting he also writes poetry.


Many new churches that are usually very large and spacious were built on the location of a small parish church with remains of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style. The old church was usually used as a sanctuary of the new one – from the western side of the old church they would build the new one. The plans for building would come from Vienna but the local people built it. They have cut-stone walls that contributed to the beauty and solidity of a building. It was local stone and it was cut by local stone-carvers. The largest and the most beautiful church on the island is St. Stephen’s Church in Grohote, whose interior decorations are breathtaking.

The list of churches on Šolta:

- St. Nikola’s in Stomorska
- Our Lady in Nečujam
- Our Lady of Pines (Gospe od Bori) in G. Selo
- St. John’s in G. Selo
- St. Stephen’s in Grohote
- Our Lady of Lourdes in Grohote
- St. Mihovil’s in Grohote
- St. Martin’s in D. Selo
- St. Jelena’s in D. Selo
- Our Lady of Kadalor
- St. Teresa’s in Rogač